Reasons to NOT Vote for Obama

1) He hasn’t done anything

2) Making a speech and getting elected to office itself don’t count for jack

3) He didn’t do anything during his 8 years in the Illinois legislature.

4) He often shirked his duties in the Senate.

Video evidence of all this below the fold.


Michelle Obama:

Barack Obama:


Barack Obama:


Barack Obama:


Barack Obama:

So there you have it.  In the words of Obama and his wife: he hasn’t done anything worth electing him to President.

Here’s the punchline: “He’s defined a way to get out of this mess.” Really?  Aside from whether he has or not, that’s an accomplishment?!?

This isn’t the first time an Obama supporter has been stumped about Obama’s accomplishments.



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2 responses to “Reasons to NOT Vote for Obama

  1. Mr Lady

    I would take issue with everything you’ve listed. He hasn’t done anything? I strongly disagree with you. I think a good bit of Chicago would disagree with you, too.

    There are certainly drawbacks to him (ie.: his tax proposals, which I do not agree with) but saying he hasn’t DONE anything? That’s just not right.

  2. chiefmuser

    Hmmm….I’m torn:
    If I agree with you, I’m calling Obama and his wife untrustworthy liars, or fools.

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