Correct Me If I’m Wrong, But…

…I can’t take seriously anyone who claims to want to protect the environment, but smokes.




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7 responses to “Correct Me If I’m Wrong, But…

  1. Mr Lady

    Yeah, you’re wrong. If that’s your criteria, then you have to include anyone who turns their heaters on, or has ever driven a car, or eaten beef, used a hair product, washed dishes with soap, or took a bath and then drained the tub right after.

  2. chiefmuser

    That’s not my criteria.

    My criteria is:
    1) Smokers are willfully, willingly, and deliberately putting known poisons into their body. Said poisons have no known benefits to anyone. So how important to you is purity and health of the environment if purity and health of your own body means so little.
    2) Non-representative, not-scientific anecdotal data alert: I have never seen a smoker who was even halfway consistent about cleaning up their butts or being careful to prevent the plastic wrap on their pack from blowing away when they open up. Perhaps there are a few, but the vast majority of smokers throw (lit) cigarettes out of cars (don’t want to have your car all stinky, yo), hang their cigarettes out of windows at stop signs (don’t want to have your call all stinky, yo) and don’t care if the people they are with are non-smokers.

    So how can you go from that to pretending to care about the environment? Every societal change starts with fixing oneself. “This rule for thee, but not for me” simply sucks.

  3. Mr Lady

    “So how important to you is purity and health of the environment if purity and health of your own body means so little.”

    That’s a stretch and a generalization, and you know it.

    I smoke, and I do none of those things above.

  4. Mr Lady

    Also, do you drink beer? Ever been to a beer factory? They are major pollutants. So if I can’t care about the environment and smoke, so neither can anyone who drinks.

  5. chiefmuser

    Beer actually has some benefits for good health.
    And when I drink beer, it doesn’t affect the health of those sitting next to me.

  6. Mr Lady

    You will never ever win the Beer Is Good For You Argument with me. And I never had to flee a country in the middle of the night with three small children because someone was addicted to cigarettes.

  7. chiefmuser

    I don’t want to be flippant about your personal experiences, but that is extremely anecdotal, i.e., you rarely hear about someone having to flee the country because someone cracked open a beer.
    I’m sure there has been violence initiated because someone was having a nicotine fit before, too. And there are dozens of medicines that can have far worse consequences if not used properly.

    Abuse of something good for you does not equal that thing being bad for you. The problem with substance abuse is the abuse, not the substance.

    Besides, what does that have to do with the Environment?

    (full disclosure: I have no significant problems with protecting the environment)

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