Chiefs’ QB Coach

Posted in reaction to a comment on this post/comment thread.

Dick Curl has taken all sorts of abuse since he’s become one of coach Herm Edwards’ main assistants.  Maybe because of his name.  Maybe because he hasn’t appeared effective at his assigned tasks (Herm was known for bad time management when Curl was his time management assistant for the Jets, and as the Chiefs QB coach, Curl hasn’t really done a stellar job developing QBs).

But I do think we need to give him at least some credit for the great game Thigpen had at QB this last Sunday.  Thigpen had shown flashes, but started slow each time.  This time he started strong, and stayed pretty good the whole game.  Much of that has to be due to Gailey calling a spread offense for Thigpen, which played to Thigpen’s strengths.  But for a QB to make such rapid, ph


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