Chiefs D Stinks, Frankly

Okay, I’m all about silver linings and stuff.  Our secondary looks seasoned.  Page is a ball-hawk, and is learning to tackle well.  Pollard can hit, and is getting better in coverage and not missing tackles.  Flowers has 2 INTs, one returned for a TD, and could have had several more; he covers WRs like a solid veteran.  Carr has one INT, and while he makes mistakes, he is clearly learning from them and improving; he also has a rare combination of size and speed.

Hali looked good back at his original position.  McBride was getting pressure from the left side when he was starting at Hali’s traditional spot…but we’ll have to see how he does from RDE (Jared Allen’s old position, the blind-side premier pass rusher spot). Tyler is among the league’s best in tackles, and Dorsey is doing great tackles for a rookie, despite getting double-teamed often.

Our LBs really aren’t doing well.  Thomas is sub-par, and Derrick Johnson spends too much time making up for other people’s mistakes (I think), and so can’t be as disruptive as he is able to be.

Overall, however, we’ve stunk.  We gave up 300+ yards rushing to the Titans, and are giving up 197 yards rushing per game!  That’s last in the league.  The 400 yards of total defense we are giving up per game is next-to-last.  The 27.6 points per game we allow is 26th in the league.  Forgive me if I don’t jump up and down with excitement over that ranking.

So…who is to blame?


Some people are increasingly blaming Gunther Cunningham.  I’m starting to be convinced.

But you know what?  I don’t make firing decisions, and I refuse to jump on any firing bandwagons.  But the Chargers just let their defense coordinator go…

If the Chiefs fire Gunther, I would like to put in a good word for David Gibbs.  No, he wasn’t a member of the BeeGees (that I know of).  He was formerly the assistant defensive coordinator for the Broncos when their defense used to be pretty good.  He was the defensive coordinator for the Auburn Tigers and Minnesota Golden Gophers…but I don’t know how good their defenses were.  But with the success of our DBs, I’m willing to endorse him for the position.

Who do you think should be our next defense coordinator when Gunther is eventually/finally let go?


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