Offered Without Comment



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6 responses to “Offered Without Comment

  1. Except for about 60 seconds of that, I totally agree. Shocked, aren’t you?

  2. chiefmuser

    I guess it depends on which 60 seconds…if you just count all the verbs, that would probably total 60 seconds, right? 😉

    In all seriousness, however, you are mostly sensible (except for this insane universal socialized health care kick and wanting Obama to be President) about everything except quickies behind the dumpster, so I’m actually not surprised.

  3. It’s not so much about wanting Obama to be president, as it is NOT wanting McCain to be. I’ve always said that I strongly disagree with Obama on his tax plan. Like, REALLY disagree. But as for the things that are super duper important to me, Obama has my vote. We all vote for what matters most to us, right?

  4. And I have nothing at all against quickies behind the dumpster.

  5. chiefmuser

    Please don’t think I have a problem with you disagreeing with me politically. I just, well, politically disagree with you.

    And am currently checking dumpster locations with relevent sightlines in mind.

  6. If we didn’t have politics, what would we be left with? DUMPSTERS? Thank god we can get all heated about something not involving rats. Um, errr, something not involving back alley deals. Um, errr, something not involving waste.

    Oh, shit, I give up. Let me know when you find that alley.

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