Obama Claims He Didn’t Attack Joe the Plumber

If you read this blog, you know that isn’t true.  The video is here.

The post is here.

Or maybe derision is how Obama treats all the people he loves.  I doubt it.  More likely is that Obama knows he can lie about what he actually did, and the media will cover for him.

Some interesting little bits from that last linked article:

– It says that he asked the McCain campaign for examples of Obama’s campaign attacking Joe the Plumber.  Oops!  Nope, the article actually says that he asked the McCain campaign for “…specific examples of what it considered attacks on Wurzelbacher…” The emphasis is mine, but those extra words clearly indicate doubt toward the McCain opinion, such doubt the reader is expected to internalize before the examples are even given.

– Even more interesting, the article says three specific examples were given by the McCain campaign.  But the article only provides two examples!

Oh, my gosh.  I’m so confused. Why would a news reporter doing an ostensible fact check exclude a McCain campaign assertion of Obama attacking Joe the Plumber?  Maybe because it is clearly an attack, like the video linked above?  Maybe because providing the actual evidence would run counter to the press’ clear desire to have Obama elected President of the United States of America?

I’ve said before: a free press is vital to the well-being of our nation.  Unfortunately, our press is bought and paid for.  By the Democratic Political Machine.



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3 responses to “Obama Claims He Didn’t Attack Joe the Plumber

  1. I honestly don’t get this one. I’ve watched that video numerous times, and all I can see is a guy asking a question and another guy thoroughly answering it. And they both seem pretty okay at the end.

    I actually was very touched by that video, not just because I thought Obama gave Joe a fair answer, not just what he wanted to hear but the honest answer, but also proud of Joe for his polite candor and for actually listening to hear, not just to reply.

    I thought it was an excellent example of how political discourse SHOULD be going in this country. With courtesy and respect to each other.

  2. chiefmuser

    That one was fine.
    Did I link the wrong video? I can’t check YouTube right now. The one I was trying to link was when Obama mocks Joe the Plumber by talking about McCain saying he’s going to fight for a plumber making $250k/year, and he doesn’t know any plumbers making $250k/year or something like that.

    I agree that the actual exchange between Joe the Plumber and Obama was a good exchange. I’m perplexed that Obama’s campaign and the news media have turned it into an investigation into Joe the Plumber’s life, instead of discussing exactly why the exchange was a political problem for Obama, i.e., most Americans don’t want Obama’s wealth distribution ideology, and at least part of Obama’s popularity is that he had successfully concealed that ideology until he had a candid discussion without his staff-vetted teleprompter there to prevent accidental admissions of core beliefs.

  3. Oh, I see. I didn’t know there were TWO videos. I don’t have a response to that one at all.

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