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Sometimes it can be instructive to just do a Google (news) search on a topic and read the headlines.  Here’s what I got from “Joe the Plumber Obama” (results below the fold; clearly lots of media water-carrying for Obama):

Who’s Attacking Joe the Plumber? Barack Obama Says Not Him
ABC News – 12 hours ago
“He’s decided to completely make up – just fabricate- this notion that I’ve been attacking Joe the plumber,” Obama said, “let me tell you something,
Obama: McCain fabricating attack on ‘Joe
Boston Globe, United States – 13 hours ago
“He has decided to completely make up, just fabricate, this notion that I’ve been attacking Joe the Plumber,” Obama said. “I’ve got nothing but love for Joe
Has Obama Camp “Attacked” Joe The Plumber?
CBS News, NY – 21 hours ago
The second example provided by Rogers involved Biden saying last Thursday, “I don’t have any ‘Joe the Plumbers‘ in my neighborhood that make $250000 a year
The ‘Joe the Plumber’ campaign comes to Roswell
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA – 17 hours ago
Take Joe the Plumber, who on Oct. 12 confronted Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama over the issue of taxes. Say “plumber” to a Democrat,
I’ll take your Joe the plumber and raise Al the shoe salesman
Boston Globe, United States – 13 hours ago
At every campaign stop, Republican rival John McCain mentions Joe Wurzelbacher, who complained to Obama that his tax cut proposal would penalize small
Joe the poseur
Calgary Herald,  Canada – 5 hours ago
Joe the Plumber was the Toledo, Ohio citizen brought up 21 times by John McCain to attack Barack Obama’s tax plan during the third and final US presidential
Joe The Plumber Versus The Obama Machine
Evening Bulletin, PA – 5 hours ago
Joe the Plumber, who debated Sen. Barack Obama over tax policy and the American Dream, returned to talk about his life in the media shadow since he became
Joe the Plumber may have wished he’d never piped up, NJ – 2 hours ago
McCain cited him repeatedly as the kind of average American who would be hurt by Obama’s proposals. Obama replied that if Joe looked at his plan again,
The media vs. Joe the Plumber
Los Angeles Times, CA – Oct 20, 2008
In short, Obama’s explanation to Joe the Plumber that we need to “spread the wealth around” is a sincere and significant expression of his worldview,
Where are DISD’s leaders?
Dallas Morning News, TX – 19 hours ago
The story states that Joe the Plumber “has provided only the vaguest information on his and the company’s finances.” Joe the Plumber is not a candidate.
Sale falls through between Joe the Plumber, Al the Boss-man
Mountain Xpress, NC – 8 hours ago
Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher learned his employer, Al “The Boss-man” Newell, had exaggerated the worth of Newell Plumbing & Heating, but only after
A Night on the Town With Joe the Plumber
Huffington Post, NY – 16 hours ago
When McCain next spoke in Toledo, he accused Obama of making wealth distribution more important than economic growth, and Joe the Plumber was the
Joe the plumber‘ raises some important points
UConn Daily Campus (subscription), CT – 15 hours ago
Joe the Plumber,” who first met Sen. Barack Obama while Obama was campaigning in Wurzelbacher’s neighborhood on Oct. 11, approached Obama and asked him a
Media jumps on Joe the Plumber
Variety, CA – 13 hours ago
While the final presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama and the economic crisis dominated the news cycle last week, Joe the Plumber,
Working over Joe
The Free Lance-Star, VA – 8 hours ago
Four days later, during the third debate, Mr. McCain evoked Joe the Plumber to symbolize Mr. Obama’s threat to the American Dream.
Betrayal of our fathers
Detroit Metro Times, MI – 8 hours ago
But that didn’t stop the Rush Limbaughs of this world from jumping on this, lionizing “Joe the Plumber” and charging that the conversation proved Obama was
Catching Up With Joe the Plumber
Hawaii Reporter, HI – 16 hours ago
By John H. Fund, 10/21/2008 10:55:20 AM I crossed paths with Joe the Plumber over the weekend and found him to be a common-sense, down-to-earth guy who
Obama leads in Ohio; Joe the plumber not having big impact, poll says
Boston Globe, United States – Oct 20, 2008
Meanwhile, the Republican ticket’s emphasis on Joe the plumber — the Ohio man who challenged Obama on his tax plan and who McCain and running mate Sarah
Joe the Plumber — coming soon to swing state TV
Politico, DC – 16 hours ago
that will feature Joe the Plumber, the Ohio man who has now become a centerpiece of the campaign’s economic and Obama messaging, according to aides.
Joe the Plumber Gives McCain No Lift in Ohio
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY – Oct 20, 2008
So how has using Joe the Plumber as a battle-cry against Barack Obama helped John McCain’s campaign? Not much, judging by the latest Suffolk University poll
Voters deserve real life scenarios
Portales News-Tribune, NM – 11 hours ago
Soon after, Obama and John McCain debated, and he was no longer Joe Wurzelbacher. He was simply “Joe the Plumber,” and he’s been a talking point ever since,
Republicans react as Joe the Plumber reveals that he’s gay
Unconfirmed Sources (satire) – 9 hours ago
As of Wednesday afternoon, there were reportedly more than 2000 entries on the message board for Joe the Plumbers official Web site.
EDITORIAL: Tax-cut socialism
Washington Times, DC – 11 hours ago
Last week, Mr. Obama also sounded somewhat bemused by Joe the Plumber’s concerns: “How many plumbers do you know making $250000 a year?
Maybe “Joe the Plumber” Should become “Joe the Solar Guy”
Techimoto, CA – 21 hours ago
Frankly, I’m sick of “Joe the Plumber”. He needs to stop his talk shows, etc. and go back to doing what he does best (”Plumb”, I assume). if Obama is
Radio Hosts Help Joe the Plumber Pay His Taxes
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY – Oct 20, 2008
Then, it turned out that while he practices the trade, Joe wasn’ta licensed plumber. And finally, while Joe was bemoaning Barack Obama’s proposed tax
McCain Defends Joe the Plumber, Obama Votes Present
The Weekly Standard – Oct 17, 2008
You may have noticed — there was a lot of talk about Senator Obama’s tax increases and Joe the Plumber. Last weekend, Senator Obama showed up in Joe’s
John the Candidate Meets Joe the Plumber
Huffington Post, NY – 18 hours ago
Like Sarah Palin, Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher, was a complete unknown to the electorate until some time between 9 PM and 11 PM EST on October 16.
The Real Plumbers of Ohio
New York Times, United States – Oct 20, 2008
Meanwhile we’ve got Mr. McCain making Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber — who had confronted Barack Obama on the campaign trail, alleging that the
Toying up to rejuvenate the Grand Old Party
New Straits Times, Malaysia – Oct 20, 2008
Now you too can share in his dreams and aspirations with this pull-string Joe the Plumber action figure. Simply pull the string on Joe’s back and listen to
Joe the Plumber doing just fine
Great Falls Tribune, MT – Oct 21, 2008
The original Joe the Plumber is Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio, who met presidential candidate Barack Obama on the campaign trail and was then mentioned almost

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