More Fun With Google News Searches

Compare the previous news media search with one for “Ayers Obama“.  Please note: significantly less total entries, and entirely different tone.  The tone for the “Joe the Plumber Obama” was “Joe the plumber is a liar or otherwise untrustworthy, is needlessly worried about Obama’s tax plan, and Obama never attacked him.”  Quite a bit is clearly focused on investigating Joe the Plumber to a deep degree.  The tone for this search is mainly, “Republicans are being jerks for implying an Ayers-Obama connection.”  But very little on actual investigation into that connection.

It’s almost as if the news media wants Obama to be President and is willing to actively participate in his campaign, or something! [/sarcasm]

The Southern Ledger
Creative Protesting
FOXNews – 15 hours ago
Republicans, including the GOP ticket, have attempted to draw attention to and amplify his relations with Ayers. Obama has consistently explained that he
Looking behind the Obama curtain Norristown Times Herald
Test shows Ayers penned Obama’s ‘Dreams’ WorldNetDaily
As a Miami Obama crowd assembles, Florida’s political fight Los Angeles Times
Appeal-Democrat – American Thinker
all 340 news articles »
Weathermen Terrorists Agree: Obama In ’08!
Human Events, DC – 6 hours ago
There is no doubt Obama has not been truthful about his extended relationship with Ayers. Obama has continued to dismiss critics by saying that Ayers was
Winning issue Cherry Hill Courier Post
McCain Defends Robo Calls
Leading in polls, Obama plays it safe Kansas City Star
Buffalo News – The Brown Daily Herald
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Washington Post
The 10 Dirtiest Election Tricks the Republicans Have Tried So Far
AlterNet, CA – Oct 20, 2008
The robo-calls, sent Thursday in several states, said Obama “worked closely with domestic terrorist” Ayers. Obama, a child when Ayers was active in the
McCain’s ACORN/Ayers delusion Seattle Post Intelligencer
Calls tying Obama to ‘terrorist’ criticized Indianapolis Star
GOP launches calls attacking Obama on Ayers, national security CNN
Vallejo Times-Herald – Culpeper Star Exponent
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Times Online
Reid calls McCain robo calls ‘scummy’
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA – Oct 17, 2008
The robo-calls, sent Thursday in several states, said Obama “worked closely with domestic terrorist” Ayers. Obama, a child when Ayers was active in the
McCain, Obama face off over economy eTaiwan News
McCain goes on the attack in final debate Independent
Obama or McCain, Who Gains From Guilt By Association? (press release)
Glasgow Daily Record – Boston Herald
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Washington Post
Your views on our endorsement of Barack Obama
Chicago Daily Herald, IL – Oct 20, 2008
When confronted by Hillary Clinton in a Primary Debate about his relationship with William Ayers, Obama only said that William Ayers “was someone in his
Video: Obama’s Triple Threat CBS Powell back in straight talk saddle Seattle Post Intelligencer
Why Colin Powell is wrong WorldNetDaily
Family Security Matters – Forbes
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ABC News
North Carolina GOP tries to link Obama, Ayers
The Associated Press – 14 hours ago
State GOP spokesman Brent Woodcox said the ObamaAyers connection is a legitimate issue for discussion. “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say the next
Video: Virginia Up For Grabs CBS North Carolina GOP tries to link Obama, Ayers Greenville Daily Reflector
What Would a Good Republican Do to Win? – Mountain Xpress
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The Age
New York Post, NY – Oct 21, 2008
Look at it this way: John McCain has Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and Barack Obama has Bill “The Pipe Bomber” Ayers. Obama’s attack on Joe the Plumber is
Video: McCain: Attacks on ‘Joe’ Are Attacks on Business AssociatedPress McCain punches, Obama ducks AZ
Joe the Plumber’s 19 Days Conde Nast Portfolio
The Weekly Standard – The Miami Herald
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Seattle Post Intelligencer
McCain’s desperate tactics
Boston Globe, United States – 9 hours ago
It included involvement with two nonprofit organizations and an event at Ayers’s home during Obama’s first state Senate campaign, in 1995.
Video: McCain Hammers Obama’s Tax Plan AssociatedPress Obama takes final debate The Collegian online
‘Audacity of Deceit’ author holding teleseminar on 2008 election WorldNetDaily
NPR – New West
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Obama Lacks a Moral Compass, FL – Oct 20, 2008
Last April, Obama defended his relationship with Ayers. Obama said in a Democratic debate that he is also friendly with Rep. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.
DEROY MURDOCK: Obama’s judgment in question San Angelo Standard Times
’74 city bomb work of radical underground Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
It’s a question of judgment, not patriotism American Thinker
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Boston Globe
Public campaign financing is dead
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA – 1 hour ago
his relationship with Bill Ayers or whether he is, indeed, trying to buy the election. Obama, you will recall, first pledged to accept public financing
McCain camp’s phone calls link Obama, Ayers UW Badger Herald
McCain tries ‘check, balance’ Boston Globe
Character is the issue WorldNetDaily
The Associated Press – Youngstown Vindicator
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