Glib Vs. Intelligent

Well said, and I agree:

Some thoughtful people simply have a tendency to confuse intelligence with the ability to be glib, or more precisely, to bs. And I think that is much of what it comes down to–if Palin doesn’t know the answer to a question, she just isn’t that good at making something up. Biden, by contrast, is a master bs’er, as his debate performance exhibited. As a general rule, the less informed he was about the answer to a question, the more assertive he was in answering it, such as his extraordinary answer about the legislative role of the Vice-President. It is clear that he had not the slightest idea what he was talking about, yet he just plowed ahead throwing out assertions with rhetorical flair. Classic bs. Even on issues that were supposedly in his area of expertise, such as the Constitution, he wasn’t even in the ballpark of being correct…

It is not uncommon to confuse glibness with intelligence…

As a sidenote, I think McCain one reason McCain has suffered in the debates is that he also is not a great bs’er either. Frankly, I’m not sure how smart he is–unlike being a governor where it is very hard to hide if you are dumb, it is pretty easy to hide in the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” And Obama is obviously quite good at bs’ing, although his style is different from Biden’s–Obama has this ability to fall back on empty stock-phrases that he utters with a furrowed brow and gravitas, projecting a perception of intelligence and understanding even if what he is saying is largely devoid of substance. For instance, it seems relatively clear that neither McCain nor Obama has the slightest clue about what caused the financial crisis or what to do about it. But McCain’s discomfort and lack of knowledge when it comes to talking about the financial crisis is transparent, whereas Obama is able to cogently spout empty generalities that obscure his lack of knowledge.

Emphasis mine.  Read the whole thing, it’s very good.


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