Shots Fired at McCain-Palin Bus

…so why is Democratic Party violence not a bigger news story, again?

Wait, I know: anything directed against Obama is automatically McCain’s fault, but any violence against McCain, Palin, President Bush, or Republicans in general is automatically not Obama’s or Democrats’ fault unless a direct, causal relationship is explicitly proven beyond all doubt.


Apparently logical consistency is too much to ask, these days.



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7 responses to “Shots Fired at McCain-Palin Bus

  1. See, there you going making an EXCELLENT point and then saying a bunch of crazy stuff after it. And I say that with a little slice of WHOEVER THE FUCK DID THAT SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

    I would like to see someone try to explain that one away.

  2. chiefmuser

    I’m all about crazy stuff. It makes the sex hotter.


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  5. chiefmuser

    When it gets to “throb”, give me a call.

  6. You make it really hard to loathe you; you know that, right? 🙂

  7. chiefmuser

    Screw “love-hate”. I’m working on establishing a “loathe-need” relationship.

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