All (Well, Most) of My Current Guitars

Back row, left to right:

Hamer Stellar 1; Westone Spectrum 1A w/ Mighty Mite pickups and Yamaha trem system; JB Player Sledgehammer; Fernandes Monterey X; Carvin Bolt Kit; Ibanez Gio GRG 121 SV; Fernandes Revolver Pro (w/ sustainer); JB Player Professional (Wilkinson trem, roller nut, w/ Carvin M22SD and AP11 pickups.

Front row, left to right:

Fernandes Vertigo X (set neck, coil tap); Westone Spectrum 2 XA1230; Fernandes Revolver X; Fernandes Dragonfly Pro (w/ sustainer); Austin AU786 Les Paul copy; Alvarez Villain w/ Modulus Graphite neck and Dan Armstrong pickups; Fernandes Dragonfly X w/ Photoflame (paint effect); Alvarez 5047 Acoustic; Takamine ES240RG Acoustic/Electric guitar.

Missing: Westone neck/pickups on unknown guitar body (Frankenstein guitar), Hamer Sunburst Arch Top Flame (SATF) (hasn’t arrived from eBay purchase); Hamer Centaura C21 (hasn’t arrived from eBay purchase); Fernandes Dragonfly Pro Flamed Maple (hasn’t arrived from eBay purchase).

I shouldn’t have purchased the last Fernandes Dragonfly Pro.  I didn’t think that bid would win it, but I simply shouldn’t have bid.  I guess the economy tanking (thanks, Democrats!) has made people unwilling to spend money.

That scares the crap out of me, because I need to sell most of these guitars.



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14 responses to “All (Well, Most) of My Current Guitars

  1. THIS MAKES UP FOR EVERYTHING BEFORE IT. Now excuse me whilst I go take a cold shower.

  2. chiefmuser

    I was thinking about you when I posted these…

  3. chiefmuser

    …just wait until I start posting .mp3 clips of me playing.

  4. It can be our make-up, um, err..something. It can be our make-up something. That’s right.

  5. cp

    how much for the 5047?

  6. Dave

    I just thought to tell you I have NEVER seen another Alvarez with the FAMOUS MODULUS GRAPHITE NECK! I have an 1990 Alvarez in black with the MODULUS GRAPHITE neck! WOW! Can you tell me if you know how many of these were made? I was told by Alvarez that they only made for one year and sold very few due to the fact that graphite was so new to the music world. I shall NEVER let mine go unless the price was right! Doubt even then I could let her go………:) AWESOME AXE!

    • chiefmuser

      Honestly, I just never bonded with it. Maybe I got in too many guitars in too short a time.

      The output was way too weak, too. It just sounded thin.

      But I agree it is an amazing guitar, unique concept with that neck.

  7. axeman

    Yeah, it seems the pickups are more towards blues/jazz so in today’s world could be considered weak. I think the thin sound is due to the graphite neck as wood is more subtle and absorbs tone as the graphite reflects tone. Kind of like maple but different. Do you still have it? If not can I ask what you sold it for and the year you sold? I own a Steinberger ZT3 with the phenolic fretboard and the sound of the board is similar to the Modulus. Although the pickups on the Alvarez are EMG design they are not active EMGs. But they do have a nice sound and handles pedals well. It is a COOL CONCEPT today as graphite is known for its strength and durability. Also gets NOTICED once the fingers move and the sound hits the ears! I play through a Epiphone So Cal with 70/80 speakers 4×12 and Line 6 M13. EVERYTHING sounds GREAT through that setup!

    • chiefmuser

      Sorry for not approving earlier, man. I haven’t been using the blog as much as I should, but I’ll start writing/checking more now.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore. I kinda wish I had it for the collect-ableness, if nothing else, and maybe if I’d given it more time I could have coaxed more tones that I liked out of it. I sold it a guy in Russia back in 2008. Part of the reason I sold it is I had bought too many guitars and had to thin the herd before my wife grew too irritated, and it was one I was certain I could sell at a profit (and did). Part of the reason I sold it is the tone. Part of the reason I sold it is I just don’t know how to use tremolos very well…

  8. Dave

    WOW! That is a shame. I rarely play mine because of the collect-ability and have numerous others that are not so RARE! You are the ONLY other person I have seen or heard that has/had one! I believe I stole mine as the seller listed it on ebay in the wrong category which I stumbled on by accident! According to Alvarez this guitar was so AHEAD of the times that it was a flop and after a year was discontinued. Alvarez said very FEW were made as there was no demand for them. Graphite was very new to the WORLD! I was told that I have a VERY RARE guitar and VERY COLLECTIBLE also. After almost THREE YEARS of SEARCHING you are the only person I have found to have had one! There is NOTHING available on the internet either about this model! Alvarez said there were so FEW sold it was not worth doing. That will help the value also. My friends always want to play it but I had to put it away because of the rarity and value! Now they all want to BUY IT! So yeah it is a SWEET PLAYING AXE! Thank GOD I have it!

  9. Dave

    WOOPS! That is not my intention! I am sorry also but if it was not for your hands or ears why have it? I happen to feel somewhat the same as you about trems although with practice everything gets easier. I actually had no idea what this guitar would sound like but having a MODULUS neck was enough to get my bid! And I got very LUCKY as the seller told me he was disappointed it did not attract more bidders. I have to say I never told him it was listed in a different category so yes I kind of sneaked in under the radar of guitar collectors. It was complete LUCK!
    I do note that the pots are 25K which is standard for actives but this has passives so might be why the sound is kind of soft. But because I have other guitars I shall never mod it in any way! Can I ask you what you think it is worth? I really have no idea other than what I was told by Alvarez that it is EXTREMELY RARE and COLLECTIBLE. And it was made in 1990 but that is all I know. He seemed to know more than he was willing to tell which made me wonder? He also would not tell me how many were sold other than VERY FEW! The costs out-weighed the selling price when they were introduced and due to little interest in graphite there was no profit margin! It was a flop for Alvarez. At the time Steinberger had introduced the GM which to this day has owned the graphite guitar world! I would like to know how RARE this is? I have contacted Modulus about this and never heard back so have NO IDEA how many were made? Take care!

  10. manito

    Dud i hop with the money you buy a new carpet… 🙂
    nice collection!!

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