Myth: McCain Supporters Said “Kill Him”

Absolutely false:

The Secret Service investigation into allegations that someone yelled, “Kill him!” at a Sarah Palin rally has found no basis to the charge.  The story, which got picked up by the national media, came entirely based on the recollection of one man, a reporter for the Scranton Times-Tribune.  No one else at the rally recalls hearing it, including the Secret Service detail that listens for just that kind of threat.

So if you come across people repeating that falsehood in the comments in this, or other, blogs, you can laugh quietly to yourself that the prevarications of the left-leaning media claimed another victim, and cry quietly to yourself that Obama and the Democratic-leaning media just eroded that much more of our democracy and Free Speech rights.


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One response to “Myth: McCain Supporters Said “Kill Him”

  1. I actually didn’t hear it in the Palin video that everyone claims it’s in, but I DID hear “terrorist” and “kill him” loud and clear in the McCain video in question. Just sayin.

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