Democratic Party Election Theft

Clear evidence, but supposedly there’s “no story”.  Yep, the media agrees with the Obama campaign representative, naturally:

[Tom] Reynolds [of the Obama campaign] said “Well he got here before October 4 right? So he will be here 30 days right? And he registered before Oct 6 right? So he has complied with the law. There is no story.”

I told him it appeared as if Smith had NOT complied with the law because he was most likely a temporary resident of Ohio. We have spoken to multiple attorneys and that the law actually states that a temporary presence in Ohio does NOT make one eligible to register and vote in the state. (Ohio Revised Code 3503.02 Residence Determination Rules). This information can be found online, and it was also given to us by the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O’Brien just 2 days ago.

Like every other potentially negative (or criminal!) action or statement by Obama, he wants all information about his campaign conducting vote fraud to be suppressed:

Obama’s campaign attorney said the investigation should look into a leak to the news media that the FBI is probing allegations of voter registration fraud by a grassroots organization called ACORN.

And, of course, an Obama supporter violently assaults McCain supporter in New York, but the press is too busy inventing violent statements and attributing them to innocent McCain supporters to investigate someone actually guilty of violence:

Obama [Supporter] Takes Sign from McCain/Palin Supporter And Bashes Her In the Face With It

This story is a month old. In addition, charges of second-degree assault have in fact been filed by a Manhattan Assistant DA against him. He goes to court in January. In other words, this story is confirmed and has actual law-enforcement involvement

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t also share with you that ABC news used an Obama contributor as a supposedly “objective” defender of ACORN:

A further examination of these two experts however shows that Rood is downright deceitful in presenting this argument. Lorraine Minnite actually donated $250 to the Obama campaign in March of this year while David Becker is anything but the Republican that he is portrayed as in the article. In fact Mr. Becker is a former director at People for the American Way, a liberal activist group that monitors “right wing organizations” and is currently launching a campaign aimed at Fighting Back Against Right-Wing Smears of ACORN.

But ABC hides all that, and tries to increase the supposed objectivity of the experts by saying:

Becker should know: he was a lawyer for the Bush administration until 2005, in the Justice Department’s voting rights section, which was part of the administration’s aggressive anti-vote-fraud effort.



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5 responses to “Democratic Party Election Theft

  1. You’re never going to post those mp3’s now….

    This article, (,0,3505611.story) which I have no pity for (I mean, REALLY, read before you sign, people) discusses how the GOP hired the Young Political Majors to register voters, and this article ( well, the dude that RUNS YPM just got arrested for voter fraud and perjury.

    Don’t hate me because I’m totally rubbing it in your face, okay?

    (BTW: If the owner of Acorn is really committing voter fraud, and they can tie Obama to it, you can rub it all over my face, too.)

  2. chiefmuser

    Of course I’ll still post .mp3s of my guitar playing.

    However, I have two problems with what you wrote:
    First, I’ve posted example after example after example of voter fraud being conducted by ACORN; that doesn’t mean I think it’s okay when Republicans do it, too. I denounce this guy, I am glad he got arrested so an investigation can be made; if found guilty, I hope he receives a strict conviction, and I hope that all individuals involved have learned that Voter Fraud Is Wrong.
    It doesn’t, however, mean that ACORN is any less wrong. If you are merely trying another variation of “It’s okay if Democrats break the law because Republicans did it, too”, well, it won’t fly. All fraud should be denounced, regardless of who perpetrates it.
    Second, you seem to be demanding a higher burden of proof. For you to rub this in my face, there just has to be a Republican involved somewhere, but for me to rub ACORN in your face, you have to have a proven connection to Obama before you’ll accept that it is a bad thing? I mean, aside from the fact that there is already an undeniable intimate connection between ACORN and the Democratic Party, aside from the fact that Obama used to work for ACORN, what other evidence of connection do you need before you believe that ACORN was involved in fraud? A videotape of Obama slipping a $100 into someone’s pocket and saying, “Now go out and commit voter fraud, it’s my only chance to win!”…?

  3. No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Now, your link today definitely shows a huge, nasty issue with the LEADERS of ACORN. That is a problem. That I take issue with.

    If the YPM had just had some problems with over-zealous registrars, I’d tell the media to shove THAT up their asses, too. But when the leaders are committing fraud, and they’re hired by a political party, that’s bad on both ends.

    So, if ACORN’S leaders are also committing fraud, and they’re hired by the DNC, they all can bite me, too.

  4. And you really shouldn’t let your electorial fever keep you from missing out on some awesome double entendre when it is handed to you. Which you just did. It is to weep.

  5. chiefmuser

    You’re right. I’ll try not to miss any of them in the future.

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