You Stay Classy, Obama

Obama mocks Joe the Plumber.

Nice move.  In a rational world, this would have an effect on the final vote. I’m praying we live in a rational world.
The mask slipped, didn’t it, Obama?

Just so this post isn’t misconstrued, let’s spell it out:

Obama mocked a man to try to minimize the damage from Obama’s own, unforced (and presumably accurate) answer.

For Obama to mock Sen. McCain and Joe the plumber in this way, he is distancing himself from his own stated position in order to maintain vote totals.  In other words: Lying.  And mocking a man’s aspirations to create wealth through his own effort, to boot.

Or, he was lying to Joe the plumber.  And then turning around and mocking him and McCain’s support of his aspirations to Obama’s supporters.

Obama should not be the President of the United States of America under any circumstances, until he learns to be truthful and transparent about his intentions, and learns a normal amount of humility.



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2 responses to “You Stay Classy, Obama

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  2. Rishi Gajria

    My hats off to Joe the plumber. He has made a name for himself and should be making a better living than he was before. My suspicion on hearing him speak is that he is a libertarian and not a republican.

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