Democrats Continue Unilateral Politics of Personal Destruction



UPDATE: Game, set, and match.

Understand this, and understand it well: Destroying people’s reputation to discredit a valid opinion is the technic of Democratic Party supporters.  Republicans don’t do it.  Even though it was the Clinton Administration that coined that phrase, they used it to refer to Republicans who were merely criticizing them, just like Obama tries to pressure, destroy, or otherwise silence anyone with valid criticisms of his history, stance, or views.

Remember, the Clinton Administration were the people who waited to “…see if [Monica Lewinsky] would support the President before they decided whether to destroy her reputation or not.” (direct quote, as best as I can remember it…the Democrat-leading media let it fall down the memory hold).  They were the people who held on to FBI files of 300 of their political opponents to look for dirt to shut them down.

Bonus Democratic Party Double Standard of the Day:

This sex-corruption-blackmail scandal getting is ignored by the media.


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