Obama, Bill Ayers, and the Weather Underground (Weatherman)

So far, I’ve seen Bill Ayers and the Weatherman be compared to Tim McVeigh, David Duke, and white supremacists.

But the best analogy?  Abortion clinic bombers.

People have asked, “What if McCain served on a community board with someone like that?”

Well, do you think an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber would have even been allowed to teach at a university?  Or would liberals hound them out of their job, out of society?  Heck, an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber would be rejected and marginalized by any Republican I know.

When you really look into it, liberals are really forgiving, almost to the point of admiration, of their own radicals, whereas conservatives exclude, deny, and detest right-wing extremists.  Liberal extremists seem to naturally grow out of normal liberal thought, and are tolerated by the left as a font of continuing ideas and energy.  Right-wing extremists are rejected by conservatives, have nothing to do with them or their ideas, but are only tied together because liberals and news media (but I repeat myself) continue to insist it is true.  The dichotomy is rather striking, isn’t it?

Here’s the post that inspired my rant.



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19 responses to “Obama, Bill Ayers, and the Weather Underground (Weatherman)

  1. Gino

    Talking about association..check this out!


    Good day to you!

  2. chiefmuser

    You think that hasn’t been covered by the news media?

    Do you live in Antarctica and only make contact with civilization once every 5-6 months?

  3. gasdocpol

    Ayres was protesting the Vietnam war when Obama was 8 years old. No one died as a result of the explosions .

    If you think Obama has ever palled around with Ayres, what was the relationship of McCain with Charles Keating? AND WHO CAUSED MORE HARM TO AMERICANS KEATING OR AYRES.

    google is a great tool. Do some research. You might be surprised.

  4. Gino

    No, I am from Alaska…I am too busy watching Russia! So, but that is a great documentary..makes bill ayers a Saint…especially if you know the true story!

  5. Not only has it been covered, but McCain was cleared of wrongdoing (“bad judgement” isn’t the same as “corrupt”, in case you didn’t know).

    And, frankly, you can’t make much of a connection on a moral level between K5 and an admitted, unrepentant terrorist who targeted the government of the United States. That just isn’t in the same game.

  6. “bill ayers a Saint”

    Seriously? I try to have rules about my own conduct online, so I’m going to walk away from this conversation before I break my own rule.

  7. chiefmuser

    Don’t sweat it. It’s just the typical liberal method of “repeat lies until foolish people believe them.”

    They prove my point in the way they try to argue it, so it’s all good.

    The only people convinced by their arguments are those who willingly suspend normal disbelief, yanno?

  8. chiefmuser

    Apparently a Swarming of Idiots may soon begin.

    Bring it on, Gino, et al.

  9. And that’s what scares me the most about the Democrats, their willingness to buddy up with the extreme fringes who would end life as we know it for us all. Personally I can’t stand extremists on either end of the political spectrum, they’ve been responsible for so much misery in this world.

  10. gasdocpol


    Inform yourself as to what Ayres did and what Keating did and then tell me who hurt more Americans.

    I suggest that you start with google and wikipedia.

    calling Ayres a terrorist rather than a Vietnam war protester is a lie repeated ad nausium by McCain fans is the repeated lie.

    OJ was cleared of murder and McCain was cleared of wrongdoing too.

    I rest my case.

    BTW I said that Ayres was a saint compared to Keating.

  11. chiefmuser

    You should first inform yourself of what Ayres did, what he intended to do, and the remorse he never expressed.
    He wished he had done more, you know.

    Your hypocrisy apparently knows no bounds. You’ll accept anything if a liberal does it, and criticize anything a conservative does, and never once consider the cognitive dissonance you embrace to do so.

    I suggest you grow up.

  12. Gino said this:

    “So, but that is a great documentary..makes bill ayers a Saint…especially if you know the true story!”

    Which, unless you are Gino, I wasn’t quoting you. If you are Gino, then you are too stupid to correctly read your own writing for me to even wish to address you in any meaningful way.

    I will say this, though, many people protest the Vietnam war. Regardless of politics, most did so in a rational and reasonable way. Ayers used terrorist tactics that most of those protesters would never have imagined–and that is why I would never consider him a mere Vietnam war protester.

    The rest of your “case” is ludicrous–the infantile ravings of a child in terms both of logic and moral compass. But you are entertaining in a dancing monkey kind of way, so please feel free to continue leaving your little nuggets of wisdom.

  13. gasdocpol

    zomboy & chief Muser

    1. Compared to Keating, Ayres IS a saint.

    2. Keating ruined the lives of 21,000 Americans. How many lives did Ayres ruin?

    3. Keating cost the American taxpayers 2 billion. How much did Ayres cost the taxpayers?

    4. Keatings relationship to McCain is well documented and McCain participated in his misdeeds, by leaning on bank regulators Obama’s relationship to Ayres is hokey and contrived by liars. Ayres misdeeds were when Obama was 8 years old and 5000 miles away.

    5. I hate to disillusion you at your young age. I feel as if I am telling a 5 year old that there is no Santa Claus. You are the ones who need to grow up.

    6. I disagree with Ayres method of protesting but I respect his point of view in the same way I respect the point of view of the “pro-lifers” (actually they are actually “pro-birthers”) Unlike the Iraq war, the Vietnam war was debateable.

    7. LBJ lied us into escalating the Vietnam War, which resulted in almost 60,000 deaths. How many deaths did Ayres cause?

    8. You used the term logic, so please explain to me how I am illogical. Tell me how my arguments are unsound , invalid or not cogent. Am I guilty of uttering some fallocy? Are my premises wrong? Try to express yourself using Aristotelian logic, if possible.

    9. I will accept anything if a liberal does it? I voted against Kennedy in 1960 and Carter in 1980 and 1984. I voted for as many Republicans as Democrats.

    10. Your talking down to me makes YOU look like a dancing monkey to me.

  14. chiefmuser

    blah blah blah.

    Planting bombs = terrorism. You lost any credibility when you denied that.

    Come back when you have something rational to say.

  15. gasdocpol

    The USA killed some innocent civilians with bombs in Iraq.

    Does that make us terrorists?

    We bombed a country that had not attacked us and was no danger to us.

    Was it to show the world Don’t mess with the USA?

    According to your definition, anyone who plants a bomb is a terrorist.

    In fact, Ayres was protesting a war by Johnson that was getting Americans and others killed.

    Keating was robbing widows and US taxpayers to line his pockets and McCain was helping him.

  16. Dance monkey dance.

    Here’s your logical fallacy:

    “OJ was cleared of murder and McCain was cleared of wrongdoing too.

    I rest my case.”

    You are arguing that the special incident (OJ’s trial) somehow correlates to another case (McCain’s ) without showing why they are similar. Just because OJ was found not-guilty–and if I assume that he was guilty–you have still given me no reason to believe that the same flaws that infected his case were also present in the investigation of McCain (and, I suppose, Glenn since he was cleared, too). Not only were they not cleared through the same process, but the cases have absolutely nothing to do with each other in any way.

    Converse fallacy of accident or irrelevant conclusion. Take your pick.

    Now, you can continue to argue that the moral value in actions is contained only in the lives hurt or in the money it cost the nation, but I submit that you have to consider the intent as well. Ayers founded an organization that intended to and attempted to kill American citizens–their failure to do so doesn’t make them saints, it makes them failures.

    The Weather Underground declared war against their own government, bombed symbols of that government’s power, and only failed to bomb an officers’ dance at Fort Dix because they were incompetent and blew their own damned selves up instead. I won’t argue for Keating’s sainthood, but you seem just fine with Ayers and his organization and don’t even address the fact that Ayers has stated that he wished the Weather Underground had done more.

    Now you make the comparison between Ayers and pro-lifers, which only makes sense if you’re include abortion clinic bombers in the mix. Are you telling me that bombing abortion clinics is a valid form of non-terroristic protest? Do you believe that militant anti-abortion activists should declare war against the US government in hopes of forcing the government to ban abortions?

    If that’s the case, then you are certainly consistent, but no less stupid. I suppose I applaud the spirit of bipartisanship in your stupidity, though.

    And if you aren’t saying that, then why bring up your respect for the anti-abortion folks’ point of view at all? I can respect the right of the anti-war protester to vote without respecting the terrorist for making terrorist acts. Ayers wasn’t merely an advocate of protesting, he was an advocate of making terrorist acts to force the government to bend to his will. I disdain his acts in the same way that I disdain the act of an abortion clinic bomber for his terrorist acts.

    See, I can be consistent too.

    And you can continue to repeat the line that Obama was 8 years old and 5,000 miles away, and I’ll tell you that I don’t care. I wouldn’t sit down to dinner with Ayers now and I was even younger and even further away. There is a relationship between Ayers and Obama that I don’t like and I don’t respect. Keep talking all you want, but I can’t imagine you saying anything that will sway my opinion–not, that is, because my opinion can’t be swayed, but because you’ve proven to me that your values aren’t mine (domestic terrorists seem to be A-OK with you).

  17. gasdocpol

    You said ” McCain was cleared of wrongdoing

    This would be a modus ponens argument.

    A is true

    A = OJ (or McCain) is cleared of wrongdoing
    B= OJ (or Mccain) is innocent

    Premise 1. IF OJ is cleared of wrongdoing THEN OJ is innocent

    Premise 2. OJ is cleared of wrongdoing

    Therefore OJ is innocent

    1. IF McCain is cleared of wrongdoing THEN McCain is innocent

    2. McCain is cleared of wrongdoing

    THEREFORE McCain is innocent

    OK, if the premises are true, the argument is valid.
    Unfortunately, the premises are not necessarily true so it is said to be an unsound argument.

    People who have been to college tend to like Obama. Intellectually challenged people tend to like McCain.

    I would submit that when people are told that when people are told that Barack Hussain Obama pals around with a terrorist, they think of Muslim fundamentalists who kill innocent people and not of a Vietnam War protestor .

    Bringing up the subject in the way it is being done is completely misleading.

    I have more of a problem with people like Keating who caused infinitely more harm to individuals and our country than Ayres . Which do you think is worse? It is people like Keating who have put our economy in its present state.

  18. chiefmuser

    I am so glad you stopped by. Please keep leaving lots of comments.

    The more you talk, the more evidence you provide that Obama shouldn’t even be a Senator, much less President of the United States of America.

  19. gasdocpol


    If you say so it must be so. lol

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