ACORN “Defends” Itself

Blatant Link.

Typically, a big part of their argument is (you guessed it): “Republicans did it first.”  The “proof” provided through the link is an uncorroborated accusation from a Democrat.  There are not only zero convictions, there are zero charges filed.  The FBI is so impressed with the accusation that they didn’t even bother to open an investigation.

That’s the typical Democratic Party defense: create a problem, then spread a lie about Republicans being at fault until a compliant media repeats it often enough for the common citizen to believe it is true.  There is no end to the crap Democrats can justify by blaming Republicans.  This represents a near-total lack of integrity.

As ACORN defends itself, they freely admit (#5) that they have had employees convicted for voter fraud.  Yeah, that sure makes their point stronger.

UPDATE: The best part?  After getting all belligerent in defense of ACORN, Mark Kleiman has to admit that the top ACORN excuse (there is no incentive to pad the registration numbers) is clearly a lie.  But he finds a way to excuse it anyway.

ACORN’s defenders:  Naive, stupid, or dishonest?  Pick one.


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