You Want Obama to be President?

Then explain this to me.  Explain how this is legal, honorable, and exemplifies the sort of integrity you want from your President and Party.

Heck, just explain this one, if the first one stumps you. (“remember this is all done by ACORN, the group that the Pelosi democrats tried to funnel millions of tax dollars to in the bailout package this month”)

Full disclosure: This is a rant.  That means I’m not actually calling out the sole Obama supporter who actually reads this blog.  The “you” in the title is a collective, anonymous “you”, not for a specific person.

I’m just feeling cranky and in the mood to put it in a gotcha-type mode.

Now, if there are any Democrats who I’m *not* friends with who would like to take a shot at some of the accusations I’m slinging, go right ahead.  But you (and you know who I’m talking about, right?) don’t have to.

But it seems clear there are a significant number of Democratic Party supporters who don’t care what means they use, as long as the end of electing Obama is achieved.
I find that despicable.



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5 responses to “You Want Obama to be President?

  1. Perhaps someone has miscounted? Perhaps there are absentee ballots? Maybe it’s just stupid nonsense We Hate Obama Because He’s a Terrorist hype. I really don’t think the Republican party ever EVER has the right to bitch about wacky polling stuff EVER again. Ever.

    I really think we have to break up until November 5th, sugar.

  2. Its a case of politics vs. leadership.
    Republicans are guilty of it too, but it seems that Democrats are guilty of it in spades.

    I’m just shocked it is so transparent this year, and how much good and honest democrats are turning a blind eye to it.

  3. chiefmuser

    Mr Lady,
    Yeah, we can. I’ll have no hard feelings, after, but right now, I just cannot stop the anger rising.
    That’s why I said this wasn’t directed at my sole Democratic Party-voting reader, you know.

  4. “But it seems clear there are a significant number of Democratic Party supporters who don’t care what means they use, as long as the end of electing Obama is achieved.
    I find that despicable.”

    I agree…just take out Dem Party and replace it with Politicians. Like accusing a vetted American presidential nominee of being a terrorist, and continually insinuating it. Like rallying people to shout KILL HIM at rallies, and then turning a blind eye. Like abusing $700 Billion dollars in funds given to you by the citizens of this country. It’s not just the Dems, and at least Obama isn’t slandering McCain from the pulpit. At least That One can refer to and treat the other side with respect.

    As for the bailout money, if we were stupid enough to allow that to pass, we’re going to get what we had coming. I blame US for that one.

  5. chiefmuser

    In the spirit of friendship and bipartisanship, I suppose I could (should?) take the olive branch and at least sort of agree with you. But I can’t.

    First, I’m really tired of the old “Republicans did it first/too” excuse. In most cases, it simply isn’t true. It’s not well-publicized by the media (surprise, surprise!), but the overwhelming majority of people convicted for voting fraud are Democrats. In this case, the group cited for voter fraud is ACORN, closely related to not only the Democratic Party, but also Obama himself. So of course it is swept under the rug as much as possible, and if the news media ever mentions it, it will only be to provide the best excuses for Obama’s campaign it can think of.

    They’ve done that before, and will do it again.

    Second, there is a huge difference between a Democratic Party-related organization and a state government. Why you blame the actions of a state government on Republicans is…puzzling, especially since some of the states involved are liberal states. I guess you have it made when you can blame Republicans for what Democrats have done…which is pretty much the credit crisis, the energy crisis, the budget crises, the economic crises (pretty much all of them within recent memory).

    Third, if Democrats had not pushed illegal, fraudulent voter registration so hard, it wouldn’t be necessary to purge voter rolls. In the articles you cite, it’s clear that there are shenanigans that need to be fixed. Maybe they were fixed in a too-heavy-handed way, maybe not. It’s debatable. What’s not debatable is that Democratic Party operatives created the problem in the first place.

    There is no moral equivalence here. The Democrats are wrong, and lack integrity.

    I wouldn’t want that party representing me, or running the government. Look at how they’ve f’d up Congress over the last 2 years.

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