The VP Debate

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m a conservative who thinks Palin lost.

Perhaps I am being overly dismissive of the comman voter’s mental faculties. However, as I’ve read various conservative pundits pointing out all the ways Biden lied, dissembled, misrepresented the truth, or otherwise distorted the factual record, I’m left with the thought that most people don’t read conservative pundits, and won’t take the time to look up what Obama actually said before.
This year, it seems like:

1) either you are already in the tank for Obama, so you don’t care about what he actually said or did, you just want to end the Republican hold on the White House, or

2) you aren’t in the tank for Obama, so you will be ignored by approximately 90% of the media and 70% of the voting population.

I don’t think this election will be decided on facts whatsoever.  If facts mattered, voters wouldn’t be able to get past Obama’s association with terrorists, corruption, lack of executive experience, and lack of personal accomplishments.

Since Obama is still leading in all the polls (and widening the margin in some), I can only conclude that the thought process of most voters right now is:
“Sarah Palin lies every time she opens her mouth because she is a Republican, and isn’t really a woman because she didn’t abort her child with Down’s Syndrome.”

I don’t think she did anywhere near enough in the debate to overcome that prejudice.



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5 responses to “The VP Debate

  1. How about, “Sarah Palin lies every time she opens her mouth because she is uninformed and overcompensating (yeah, you can TOTALLY see Alaska from her house) and is relying solely on her charm to get her through this thing (Oh, come on, Joe, I won’t answer your questions *wink*) and she is a woman who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about women’s issues (sorry you were raped by your uncle, here’s a $1500 rape kit bill and a list of baby names.)

  2. chiefmuser

    Well, I’m one who actually thinks that being a state governor does have some foreign relations duties, even if she didn’t explain it well.

    The “rape kit” bs has been thoroughly debunked, yet still gets repeated as if it were true, over and over.

    And I don’t think you can disqualify someone from their gender just because they don’t agree with an establishment-determined political agenda. Of course, I think the same thing about race, and look how far that got Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell. It’s just that good ol’ liberal “tolerance” again.

    I think you are selling Sarah Palin far, far short.

    Please compare her actual accomplishments to Barack Obama’s, and then get back to me.
    Heck, compare her actual accomplishments to Biden’s, and get back to me.

    (Hint: put both Democratic Party candidate’s experience together, and it still falls short of what Sarah Palin has done).

    I’d be happy to supply the list on Palin, if you need some help getting started.

  3. I have a good list on Sarah Palin, and I have a good list on Joe Biden. And really? You think she’s done more then Joe Biden?

    We’ll never agree. We have to agree to disagree.

    I won’t compare her to Obama because she’s not running for president.

    I’m not disqualifying her for her gender, I’m just saying that is flat against most everything that any woman who isn’t a hard core conservative is for. Just BECAUSE she’s a woman doensn’t mean I have to jump on her bandwagon. She stands for almost NOTHING that matters to me. I don’t want her anywhere close to running my country, not because of her sex…because of her position.

  4. And actually, Wasilla DID charge women for their own rape kits (or their insurance companies) while she was Mayor, under a budget that she would have had to sign off on.

  5. chiefmuser

    Yep, I think she’s done more than Biden because:
    a) He is a Senator; as such, there is very little he can claim as a personal accomplishment. At best, he can say he introduced legislation. He doesn’t have a very good track record of going against Democrats to vote for Republican bills that he supports in principle. It’s a plain fact: executives have much more personal accomplishments because they are a single point of decision on so many issues.
    b) She has accomplished as much as she has with her brain and her effort, in a very short time.
    She didn’t have a top college education. She didn’t have family money. She hasn’t amassed a personal fortune from decades of Washington perks. If you add up what she’s done: gone from middle-class housewife to actually fighting against (and beating!) corrupt GOP good-ol-boy network politicians*, and being the standard-bearer for “true” conservative politics, well, Biden can’t come close to that. He couldn’t even mount anything close to a successful presidential campaign on his own, but you can bet Sarah Palin will get more support than Liddy Dole did, when Mrs. Palin finally runs on her own.

    Yeah, you don’t have to support her just because she’s a woman. I don’t recall *anyone* with any influence saying that. Whereas there are pundits after pundits after influential feminist pundits saying she isn’t a “real” woman because she doesn’t support govt-funded abortion on demand.

    I’m sorry: I’m tired of the liberal hypocrisy on this sort of issue. I don’t blame you for it, it isn’t your fault, and from what I know of you, it isn’t even your way. You didn’t deserve the snark in this and the previous comment, or the original post, because you are one of the most open-minded liberals I’ve ever met.

    But I will stand by this: No one with as shady or insufficient record as Obama could ever survive as a Republican presidential candidate, because the press would tear them to shreds. Why there are 20 reporters in Alaska searching for dirt on Palin, and 4 in Arizona searching for dirt on McCain, and yet there is ZERO investigation into Obama’s relationship with Rezko and Ayers is criminal hypocrisy. The only mainstream media articles on those relationships are apologetics, not investigations. The press is now openly explaining away Biden’s gaffes for him. Our politics are in a truly sorry state of affairs right now. If half of the country wasn’t still deeply mired in Republican Derangement Syndrome, Obama wouldn’t have come close to winning the nomination.
    And I stand by this: 80% (not all, but most) of the vitriol dumped on Palin is because liberals are pissed that their Identity Politics Trump Card (Obama) got upstaged by someone with actual accomplishments to go with Identity. Which is why there are so many attacks on Palin’s Identity (she’s NOT a REAL woman!)

    *to be clear: corrupt good-ol-boy networks exist in both parties; looking at Fannie-Mae/Freddie-Mac, Dianne Feinstein, and Chris Dodd, one could be forgiven for concluding the bulk of it is (at least currently) on the Democratic Party side.

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