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Hollywood Leads the Way

What would we do without Hollywood?!?

Listen to your betters, people. They want you to vote a certain way, and you should listen to them.


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Obama’s Promises, Promises, Promises

He’s already defined “rich” down by $100k/year.

Plan to vote for Obama? “Hope” he doesn’t “Change” his mind again.  Or, in other words: Obama after the election:  I am altering the deal. Pray I don\’t alter it any further…

…some idiot will be along before long to call me racist for comparing Obama to Darth Vader, I’m sure.

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People Unclear on the Concept, Ex. 1

The only question now, is: how did this lady end up with this impression?  Did anyone lead her to that conclusion with, say, campaign promises?

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Lutherans Rock!

Er, or perhaps, um, Rap.

Which is a good reminder: don’t like a (the) church?  Challenge and change it, don’t reject it.

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UPDATED: Obama Not Yet Elected, Already Breaking Promises

Alternate title: “Hope and Change: I hope he doesn’t change his promises yet another time!”

Now it’s down to $120k/year.  Do I hear $100k? We still have a few days to go until the election…

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Kolby Smith Planning to Be Starter in More Than Just Name

Via the Kansas City Star.

I think this is a good development.  He knows that LJ’s skills mean that when LJ is healthy and in the coach’s good graces, he (Kolby) will sit on the bench.  But he had some good games last year, and is now demonstrating the type of drive that often leads to successful careers.  If the O-line improves, or if our “spread” offense with Thigpen at the helm pulls defenders out of the box, Kolby Smith could have some more good games, and help us win some games this year.

Of course, he struggled against the Jets, and it is more likely he will struggle, and remain a good backup.  We’ll see.  I like his attitude and personality, and will be pulling for him to develop into a solid starter at RB.

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Savings Comparison

Found at Instapundit.

After consideration, however, this probably won’t change anyone’s mind, because those who expect the government to take care of them cradle-to-grave, and thus aren’t concerned about savings, already plan to vote for Obama.

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