Supreme Irony Alert

From Vanity Fair:

V.F.’s James Wolcott feels that the Obama campaign would be aided by a braver press that unhesitatingly calls bullshit on the McCain-Palin campaign, but he concedes that it can be tough for those kinds of stories to gain traction. “The lies get a currency of a couple of days,” Wolcott says, “because the Republicans are shameless. They don’t care that they’re lying.”

Let me get this straight.  The press wasn’t brave enough, so they printed every hint of anything they could find about Sarah Palin.  Now that that hasn’t worked, Wolcott wants a braver press that will call B.S. on the McCain-Palin campaign, but he doesn’t think it will work because the Republicans don’t care that they’re lying?  Because the Republicans are shameless?

Um, it might just be because the cowardly press has shown pretty much beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are in the tank for Democrats in general and Obama in specific, even if you just compare the double standards for experience and identity politics between Obama, Edwards, and Hillary on side an Sarah on the other.

Wolcott may repeat over and over and over that he thinks McCain and Palin are lying.  Just like people have repeated over and over and over that Bush and Cheney are lying, and Karl Rove is evil personified.  But the repetition failed to gain traction with enough actual voters to make a difference.  Unless Wolcott is prepared to call 51% of the nation ignorant idiots, he probably should drop this train of thought.


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  1. Well, isn’t it clear that the media/press isn’t being hard-hitting enough? How can Obama be down in the polls?

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