Blowing My Own Horn

Suddenly (saw it for the first time yesterday, now posted on multiple blogs today), it’s everywhere that control of Congress may be in play.

I didn’t have any evidence of it at the time, but clearly my political radar is extremely sensitive and accurate, because I made this prediction several days ago. And I go more in depth on that topic late in the same comment thread.

I’ll admit, that’s not a huge lead time; but in politics, 24 hours can be an eternity, and I made my prediction before the poll came out.


…I wish I could find where I posted it, but when a McCain ad came out last week, some people thought some of the wording was strange, and I pointed out that it indicated McCain was working on developing coattails, or believed he would have coattails (meaning, some lower-tier politicians could boost their election chances by hitching themselves to McCain).  But, as I said, I can’t find it now.  If I do, you know I’m egotistical enough to post it here.


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One response to “Blowing My Own Horn

  1. Because Democrats keep making the same mistakes, over and over again, and seem incapable of learning from them. Like allying themselves too close to the lunatic ultra-leftists, pissing off the common people of the Midwest and South by turning up their aristocratic noses to them and making belittling comments (“flyover country”), and taking unpopular stands at inopportune times, like over offshore oil drilling when the nation is reeling over $4/gallon gas prices. The lone exception was Bill Clinton, who rode a moderate, common guy from Arkansas, platform (never mind the other stuff about him) against an incumbent Republican president who was perceived to have lost touch with the American public. The same setup is present today for the Democrats, yet once again they’re tripping over themselves because they can’t learn from the past. And they can’t seem to understand that the vast majority of common America does not want a quasi-socialist state where the government can restrict and revoke rights at a whim, just by going to court and creatively interpreting the law and the Constitution.

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