New Sarah Palin Smear

Without further comment, the latest Sarah Palin smear from Democratic Party politicians and news reporters can be found below the fold:




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20 responses to “New Sarah Palin Smear

  1. Interesting. Thanks!

    For me the big issue is:
    Palin is Pro-War! She calls it “a task from God.”
    This mixing of God and war I find very sad.
    And it’s costing us Hundreds of Billions of Dollars.

    Check it out:

  2. chiefmuser

    You don’t think God wants us to fight evil, prevent chaos, stop murders, and protect the innocent?

    You have to remember, she was speaking there, in church, as a mother; not a politician.

    “There is no love greater than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

    “As you do unto these, the least of my brethren, you do unto me.”

    So we are willing to lay down our lives to prevent even greater suffering and bloodshed, out of compassion and a sense of what’s right.

    I don’t see any conflict between that and God’s wishes for us.

  3. Jeff

    Hey CL,

    I can understand objections to the Iraq war. However, when I discuss it with liberals, they always bemoan the “200 billion dollars that could have been spent on so many other things”. Rarely do they mention the lost lives of 4000 American soldiers.

    Why is that? Odd choice of priorities, it seems to me.

  4. sandy burger

    She calls it “a task from God.”

    No she doesn’t.

    She prays that it is a task from God.

    To put it in atheist terms, she hopes that it is the right thing to be doing.

  5. chiefmuser

    Good point, Sandy. It isn’t clearly worded, but it only takes a moment of introspection (or a second listening) to see that’s most likely what Mrs. Palin meant.

  6. “You don’t think God wants us to fight evil, . . .?”
    It just begets even more evil.
    Resist not evil – Jesus Christ.
    Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

  7. Will

    CL- There are any number of websites that will show you the transcript of the quote in context. It is clear in the full transcript that she was asking that the youth (to whom she was was speaking) pray that the task that our soldiers were being asked to perform is from God. She was really getting them to pray that our leaders would receive divine guidance with respect to using the precious resource of our soldiers lives. I try to always verify what someone says in a clip on You Tube by finding a written transcript with the full context. Context is important even with the transcript. Someone once told me ” a text without a context is a pretext”. Words to live by.

  8. sherlock

    That chaplain who said “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!” must not have been ordained in the Church of Post-modern Liberalism.

  9. Qwinn

    In other words: “Don’t fight evil, vote Obama!”


  10. Martin Knight

    Wow …

    So I guess Churchill was wrong all those years ago. He should have just thrown his hands up and calmly handed over all those nasty Bristish Jews to Hitler’s troops, right?

  11. chiefmuser

    I can understand what you mean, to a point. But I can’t agree with you.

    Salvation of our immortal soul *is* all that is important, and God has told us, “Whoever loves this life shall lose it.”

    From that perspective, yes, you shouldn’t kill to save yourself.

    But you are supposed to defend those weaker than you. You can be the most passive pacifist in the world, filled with peace; but if you lack compassion for your suffering fellow man, if you fail to *act* when people are threatened, you are not following God’s Word, or His Will.

  12. Sarah Palin is not a sister to the Monty Pyton’s Michael Palin, is it?. Well is a circus like right now, we are forgetting that decency and political correctness are the only ones we need right now, therefore, let things alone until they progress by themselves.

  13. Every religion has claimed to have the insight into the Mind of God, and are willing to defend their enlightenment to the Death of everyone who disagree with them.

    From the beginning of time, soldiers marching to the beat of having Him on their side.

    That’s suggesting the Creator cheers on the grasshopper, while hating the grasshopper killing wasp. Where’s the logic?

    Why create them both in the first place?

    Don’t it make sense that having made them, they are equally loved and essential to the balance of Creation?

    How disappointed God must be; humans still resorting to violence and claiming Divine approval, after all these millenium, learning nothing in the process.

    To anyone who thinks our only choices are only war or capitulation – your box is too small.

    The real TASK is to find the right ways to solve our problems that end destruction and suffering in the world, and heals the Gift we have been given.
    Thanks for your attention.

  14. batguano101

    Both political parties are absolute scum selling out our nation and Constitution for money and power personally.

    The candidates are candidates, the election process is subverted by election fraud, and no one in our government is addressing massive corruption beyond any in recorded history.

    Who ever is appointed president will be busy, the foundations are being eaten away ASAP.

  15. Benjamin Rogers

    As a leader of the greatest country in the free world you need guidance not only from your people but I’m sure from a higher power. If she prays to God asking for guidance on any decision she makes while she is VP or Pres. in the future I’m all for it.

    If you choose to narrow your vision to see that she believes war is mandated by God then so be it also. Thats your opinion but in my humble (and wife wife would sometimes say skewed) opinion I like the fact that she is looking for guidance.

    Many things our country has done in the past have not been well planned. While we would have to go into Iraq sooner or later why did we go without an exit plan? LuRain is right. There is more to this than war or giving in.

    From her notable address and the Republican Convention there were many quotes I found hilarious but the one line that I actually found stirring was the one about her going to DC for the American People.

    That’s us folks. She is there to represent us. To do as we ask. How many of us have prayed for guidance?

  16. This wordpress sight was funny.
    It is sort of on the same subject…..but with today’s headlines in mind…..

    <a href=”” So…What’s The Difference”.

  17. Note: link caused last comment to go into moderation….

  18. chiefmuser

    Actually, all commenters go into moderation on the first one.

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  20. We’re living in an age of magic. If Sarah Palin be a witch then, she must be a good one. I’ve had encounters with bad ones. They’ll turn you into a newt. You won’t get better. And, seven years since the towers vanished; we’re living in a land of make-believe:

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