Croyle’s Shoulder Separation

So I Google around a little bit, and find this.

Important excerpts:

How Is a Dislocated Shoulder Treated?


Doctors treat a dislocation by putting the ball of the humerus back into the joint socket – a procedure called a reduction. The arm is then immobilized in a sling or a device called a shoulder immobilizer for several weeks. Usually the doctor recommends resting the shoulder and applying ice three or four times a day. After pain and swelling have been controlled, the patient enters a rehabilitation program that includes exercises to restore the range of motion of the shoulder and strengthen the muscles to prevent future dislocations. These exercises may progress from simple motion to the use of weights.

After treatment and recovery, a previously dislocated shoulder may remain more susceptible to reinjury, especially in young, active individuals. Ligaments may have been stretched or torn, and the shoulder may tend to dislocate again. A shoulder that dislocates severely or often, injuring surrounding tissues or nerves, usually requires surgical repair to tighten stretched ligaments or reattach torn ones.

That’s not good news.  I can’t find yet whether his college shoulder separation was left or right shoulder.  I think the left shoulder…if the right, however, that truly indicates that without surgery or increased muscle mass, he will be prone to more shoulder separations in the future.

Although it’s been said, many times, many ways…Merry Chri—I mean, if Croyle can’t stay healthy, he cannot be our starting quarterback.  It doesn’t matter how much he understands, how well he protects the ball, or how beautiful his spirals are…if he’s not on the field, he can’t win games for us.  And every game he’s on the sideline means we wasted snaps in preseason preparing someone who isn’t even active.  It’s not Brodie’s fault, but you have to draw a line.

My line?  I give him one more injury.  The next injury that pulls him out of a game when the game is on the line, or forces him to miss an entire game, is the point he loses his starting spot to injury.

It’s a business.


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