Coastal Liberal Elites

There’s a great little conversation going on in the comments on this Megan McArdle post.*

I don’t join in until about halfway down.  I hadn’t started this new blog yet, so I was still commenting as Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame, instead of Nathan of Chiefly Musing fame.

I think I get in some good licks.  You can tell when the liberals feel like they’re losing: they start adding vulgarity and <i>ad hominem</i> to their sarcastic cheap shots.

But you be the judge.  Feel free to tell me what you think.

*Of course, by the nature of the discussion, the subjects (liberals and conservatives, or small-towners and urbanites, or coastal and flyover…whatever you wish to use) are broad and general.  I know plenty of liberals who aren’t condescending to small-town blue collar workers, and some conservatives who are snobbish toward big city folk.

But there is some value in generalizations, as well, and I think this conversation provides some.


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