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Personal Hollywood Boycott

I stopped watching Hollywood movies several years back.  It wasn’t really due to ideology (although that is an influence on the decision), but mostly due to most Hollywood movies being complete crap.

The creativity seems to have been drained out of Hollywood, in my opinion.
But I might just have to break my self-imposed boycott for this.


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…if somewhat over-the-top by the filmmaker. Yet, to be fair, far less over-the-top than the jeerers.

I can’t download it (YouTube seems to have figured out how to block that), so if it gets yanked from YouTube, it gets yanked.  Watch it now, while you can.

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I Always Liked Jerry Pournelle

Here’s another reason why:

People who made horrible decisions and bought houses without down payment and interest only loans will be bailed out by those who put up a down payment and took out a normal 30 year amortization loan and have made their payments all along. Perhaps this is a good thing. Ownership promotes a certain independence. But I suspect that things will be gimmicked so that in order to keep the house you should never been able to buy, you will have to continue to support the Democrats. But then I have a nasty suspicions mind.

On protecting Wall Street:
Of course when government forces banks to make bad loans, is there then a moral obligation from all of us to make the banks whole again? They were only doing what we told them they must do. I know, I know, we the people didn’t vote to force the banks to make bad loans; but our government did, and the Congress did, and we continued to elect those who did that, and we are now to cheer them as heroes for rescuing us from the financial collapse. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Pelosi, Reid — they were all for regulations requiring more sub-prime loans. Banks that didn’t comply were in a world of hurt.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly on 28 Sep 08: Chiefs 1-3

The Good

– Larry Johnson returned to form and pounded the rock for 198 yards, and a greater than 7 ypc average

– DJ showed up and made 5 tackles, forced a key fumble, and got on INT

– Carr got the first INT for our CBs for the season

– Demorrio Williams energized the defense in his first start at WLB; I don’t think Donnie Edwards will be getting that starting spot back (which means he might be able to replace Pat Thomas at MLB, eh?)

– The O-line helped keep Huard’s uniform relatively clean, and gave him some time for long throws, as well as sealing the perimeter and/or opening holes for LJ’s long runs

– We held Denver’s rushing attack to 94 yards, Selvin Young to less than 50 yards, and Brandon Marshall to well under 100 yards receiving

The Bad

– We gave up 361 yards and 60% on completions to Cutler; then again, he’s a very good QB  (Bonus fact: more than half the time, QBs get 300+ yd passing games in losses)

– A 4-1 turnover ratio should probably have resulted in more than a 14-point margin of victory; this team still has to improve to be a truly good team

– We allowed more than 100 yards receiving to Eddie Royal

The Ugly

– We left TonyG 2 or 3 yards short of the TE yardage receiving record; one obvious place to have thrown the ball to Tony was on our 1-10 from the Denver 43 with 2:04 on the clock.  The clock will stop at the 2-minute warning whether or not it is complete; but the play resulted in a 34-yd run for LJ, so I’m not complaining

– Huard just missed Bowe on several long completions; throwing just about a foot too far toward the sideline in each case;  bring those balls one foot in toward the center of the field, and Bowe has 3 more catches, approaches 150 yards, and the Chiefs have 4 more points

– Albert went out with a serious injury; the early word is it was a dislocated elbow, and no prognosis for his return was given

Reasons for Optimism

– The O-line is improving.  Huard was sacked only once, and had time for long passes without getting hit on numerous others

– Demorrio Williams provided a spark at LB, and DJ showed up to make some huge plays; if we continue to get this level of play from our LBs, we become a decent team that is still on the rise

– Our D-line was very active in stuffing the Bronco rushing game; Dorsey, Tyler, and McBride combined for 7 solo tackles: speaking very generally, that’s 7 rushes stuffed at the line of scrimmage, putting the Broncos in 2nd or 3rd and Long situations (which makes the job of stopping the opposing team much easier)

– Hustle is evident in all phases of the game; it stood out most in McBride hustling downfield to not only hit the WR, but knock the ball loose for a Chief to recover

– For anyone who hates Herm as a coach, you cannot separate the way the team played today from Herm’s coaching.  As these players continue to improve, we will see more inspired play, more dominating performances

Reasons for Pessimism

– Huard was our starting QB; he isn’t the future for the Chiefs, and we still don’t know if Brodie Croyle can do as good or better

– This was the team at its best; the Raiders or Atlanta game might have been the team at its worst, but the odds are that we will not be able to match this performance for the rest of the games this season

Key Takeaways

– We aren’t 0-4 at the end of the game this week; it feels nice to have a win and end that losing streak!

– the right side of our O-line has improved and is no longer the worst in the league; in fact, we might have vaulted all the way to “above average”, but we’ll need to see the same performance a few more games (and against better pass-rushing defenses) to be sure

– As a group, our LBs are no longer sub-par; I’m saying this for the third time, but it can’t be said too often: Demorrio Williams provided a huge spark with his enthusiasm and performance; the unit played more disciplined and effectively as a group than they have all season; if this keeps up, the LBs will no longer be a weakness (but should still be a target for early draft picks in the upcoming off-season)

– This team will still struggle at times this year; this is one game, and one shouldn’t assume that we’ve turned the corner with just one win; but right now, there is reason for optimism for next year

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Free Press?

As I’ve said before:

A free press is vital to the well-being of our nation.  Unfortunately, ours is bought and paid for.

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Who’s to Blame for the Current Financial Crisis?

Follow the money.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly on 21 Sep 08: Chiefs 0-3

The Good

– The run defense.  For the most part, the Chiefs defense kept the might Atlanta running game in check.  Two notable exceptions, but those are what you get with a young team, and they should be fixable.  It was a step up from last week.

– Thigpen made some strides as a QB today.  He was praised several times by the annoncers for great throws and great decisions.  He looks like an NFL QB to me.  An inexperienced NFL QB, but one who can start and win, eventually.

– The defense prevented a Falcon 1st down on their first three possessions.

– The D-line is doing very well in the run game. It isn’t often to have 2 DTs get so many tackles and stuffs, and McBride did great locking down his side for most of the game, too.

– We didn’t give up when down 17-0.  We almost made a game of it.

The Bad

– We got little to no pressure on the opposing QB for the 3rd straight week.  We won’t win a game until we find a way to create pressure.

– The offense had 5 straight 3-and-outs to open the game.

The Ugly

– As a change from 3-and-outs, the offense (Tyler Thigpen, to be exact) followed up with 2 INTs, one deep in our territory.

– The right side of the O-line is still pretty much a swinging gate.

– I’m convinced that LJ made it across the goalline both times that weren’t called: the announcers caught one, but LJ made it up on the next carry.  However, on the 4th down, 4th quarter run, I am convinced that LJ landed on the defenders arm, which means he wasn’t down yet.  The ball was already across the line.  It should have been a TD, and Herm should have thrown the red flag.  Why be gutsy on making the play call, then not be gutsy on the challenge?

– Where was DJ?  He had one tackle in the stats.  I didn’t see him even close to making a play the whole game.  In fact, the only time I saw him at all was when he was being held to spring Norwood for his 44-yd gain in the 4th quarter.

– The refs didn’t lose this game, but there were several significantly bad non-calls, including the two missed TDs, the holding mentioned just above, and two pretty clear offensive pass intereferences…one on each side, as it turns out.  On the heels of the horrible call last week in the Broncos-Chargers game, I’m concerned with the quality of officiating this year.

– Thigpen started, if anything, even more slowly than last week.  He had all the snaps and a game-plan set up for him, and didn’t have to come in cold like last week.  He put us in the hole (with some help from Charles in the form of easy drops) with his play early in the game.  He nearly got us back, but the hole was just too deep.

Reasons for Optimism

– The team did not give up after falling behind 17-0.  They fought and nearly got us back into it.  Falling so far behind was directly attributable to our youth and inexperience, and they got some valuable experience in this game: they kept Turner under 5 yds/carry, and gave up only 3 big plays all game (one long run each for Turner and Norwood, and the long bomb TD from Ryan to White). I’m not going to play the “if you take away those 3 plays” game, because you can’t take them away, they happened.  But if we can fix those lapses, our defense will again be smothering.

– As good as our defense did overall, it included bad play from Pat Thomas, our RDE position, and a totally AWOL Derrick Johnson.  If we can fix any one of those positions, our defense should be able to keep the game in reach of even our inept offense.

– Thigpen actually looked good at the end of the first half and into the 3rd and 4th quarter.  He made another horrible mistake in the pick-6 to Houston at the end of the game, but not bad for a first start and getting down by 17 points.  I’m now hoping he supplants Brodie Croyle as the starter, because I believe he will fix his decision-making and cold-start problems.

– I still think this team is just a few players from being a contender: RT, MLB, RG, WLB, #2WR are all we need to be a dang good team.  You can get all that in one slightly-above-average draft.  The Safeties are playing at Pro-Bowl levels (except for no INTs), the rookie CBs are playing like established veterans and should only get better, our DTs (Tyler and Dorsey) are making big plays in the run defense game, our running game showed it still has some pop, and we still have Bowe and Gonzalez.  If a light-bulb can go off in Thigpen’s head about making consistently better decisions and slightly better throws, we’ll have a good starting QB who can inspire teammates and move the ball.  It’s probably too much to ask for these improvements to happen this year, but I am still praying for a LB and O-line miracle.

Reasons for Pessimism

– DJ. I can’t think of any reason he was so quiet this game.  We expected him to be a pro-bowl player this year, and we need him to be a pro-bowl player to increase our hope for the future.

– We still had significant lapses at the wrong times, giving up momentum-stealing big-play TDs and first downs.

– We won’t win with the O-line we have, either, and Herm doesn’t seem willing to make the change; Richardson was inactive.

– Our WR corps consists of Bowe and Gonzalez.  The Darling experiment should be over with, and Webb or Franklin should get those snaps. I’m not as down on Webb as most people: he produces good numbers when given enough playing time.  Franklin has even more upside.  But Herm (Gailey?) doesn’t want to make this switch, either.

– I hate to sound like a broken record, but this team can’t win with the current level of play from our QB, RT, RG, MLB, SLB, WLB, and #2 WR.  4 of the 7 have to improve for us to better our 4-12 record of last year.

Key Takeaways

– We’ll probably be 0-4 at the end of the game next week.

Write it down: we lost because…
– Our QB started badly.

– the right side of our O-line is still the worst in the league.

– As a group, our LBs are still sub-par.  I saw Donnie Edwards more involved in some of the big stops this week, and Demorrio Williams got one, too.  But overall, the LBs are supposed to be our playmakers: preventing the long run, getting INTs, knocking the ball loose on big hits and generally making WRs afraid to come over the middle.  They aren’t doing any of that right now.


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